Teen Education Coaching

We offer coaching support to teenagers, helping them make better career choices and gain better clarity and control of their lives. Through TEC, we offer one-on-one or small group mentoring and coaching interventions designed to help teens find answers...


Teen’s Hangout

Teens Innovation World hold various hangouts for teenagers across strategic cities in Africa. These hangouts come with exciting learning and networking opportunities. Feel free to always check for when the next hangout is happening and the location so you can be part of it...


Teen E-mastery

At Teens Innovation World we offer the teen e-mastery as a channel to teach teenagers emotional skills and self-awareness.
This innovation provides hands-on exercises for teenagers to practice skills, to discover themselves, their passion, talents, strengths, weaknesses, and uniqueness...


School Tours Nigeria

School Tours Nigeria is a school tourism initiative that helps teens to connect, learn, collaborate, and compare notes with students outside their immediate culture or locale. We offer them the opportunity to visit leading schools across the world, while fostering an atmosphere of learning, fun...


Meet Fun Mentor

Many teens are in dire need of role models or models they can learn from. Sadly, most of these role models are not easily accessible or teens are lured into learning from the wrong ones. Our Meet Fun Mentor is an initiative designed to bridge this gap—a place where good mentors can connect and groom...


Parenting Education

By offering learning opportunities to parents, we believe at the same time we are making it
possible for teenagers to be better groomed at home. Our parenting classes are designed to better equip parents with the right tools, insights, and knowledge to better engage their teens in today’s fast-changing world...



Educate, Inspire and Mentor

Teens Innovation World was established in the year 2018 in Lagos Nigeria with the clear vision and passion to restore dignity, purpose and direction in the lives of Teenagers in Africa, in-respective of their politically, Religious and Cultural differences.

It also aims to organizing programs and initiatives that will empower, mentor and counsel teenagers by taking issues that affect them in school, home, dropout and homeless children in Africa.