About Us

Educate, Inspire & Mentor

Teen Innovation World started in 2015 when the founder, Abisola Cecilia Roberts, had a burning desire to see that every teenager lives to his maximum potential.
Her dream was born out of her passion to help every teenage in Africa live to a life of meaning, develop leadership competence, and create a better future.
Teens Innovation World was birthed with the vision to provide clarity, guidance, and support to teenagers, who currently are confronted with many lures that lead to avoidable mistakes, frustration, and social ills.


It is time to show our teens the better path!


We believe that irrespective of the diversity in our cultures, politics, religions, or backgrounds, we can leave an indelible mark in the lives of teenagers who in turn would go into the larger society and become leaders of the future.
At Teen Innovation World, we are creating new paradigms and safe spaces where every teenage can be all they want to be, while mirroring positive values, true citizenship, and great leadership.
As a non-profit organization, we are committed to providing better models for our teens to emulate.
Rather than complain about the rising ills in our society, we have decided to step forward and do something about it by focusing on teens in Africa.
We have a rich array of programs, tools, and initiatives designed to educate, inspire, and mentor teenagers to greatness.


Together, let’s raise better teenagers!