Our Philosophy

inspire us to action

Making the world safe for our teens begins with US!
We understand the complexities of the world that the teens live in today and the challenges that they are confronted with.
That’s why as an organization, we are constantly driven by a set of overarching philosophies that define how we operate, that inspire us to action, and raise the standards that we hold up for ourselves.
Our overall philosophy as an organization is anchored on four key pillars:


To provide a better future for every teenager in Africa


To be a role model for teenagers through established quality motivating and mentoring programs by foremost talented professionals


As a social impact initiative, we are driven by the following core values:


    We are an innovative organization with a knack for thinking out of the box. We always challenge ourselves to be forward-thinking and are committed to looking for new ways to solving problems plaguing the African teens.
    We believe education is the surest way to unlock the potential of every child. Therefore, our approach involves the use of proven educational tools and processes that foster lasting learning among teenagers. With us, hands-on learning is guaranteed.
    We are always raising the standard. Delivering quality experience is the high point for us and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring this. To get things done, we always ensure that we set high goals for ourselves—goals that inspire us away from mediocrity into excellence.
    We understand the enormous task before us, but we are committed to pressing forward against all odds. Our commitment to never giving up is born out of our passion for teens. We are patient in painstakingly delivering impact to every teen we work with.
    We are optimistic such that irrespective of the challenges confronting teens today, we believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is why we are open-minded in our approach and style of searching for solutions and raising teens that operate with the can-do spirit.



  • To restore dignity, purpose, and direction in the life of every teenager in Africa.
  • To organize impactful programmes and initiatives that leverage on practical solutions to empower and reposition our teenagers for a better life.
  • To create safe spaces for teenagers to live purposefully and productively.
  • To build a better society where teenagers can rise to their full potential and make meaningful contributions to societal development.
  • To become a platform for current leaders, mentors, and role models to give back and groom the next generation of leaders.